New AnchorLink 1.9GHz

In an effort to provide the best and most reliable audio systems, Anchor Audio is moving away from the 500 MHz wireless frequency range and introducing AnchorLink - its newest wireless platform operating in the 1.9 GHz wireless frequency range.

Durability, Reliability and Quality

Anchor Audio has been known for its durability, reliability, and quality, and our goal is to continue this reputation. Based on dealer and customer feedback and changing industry standards, we understood that a dependable wireless platform with reduced interference was crucial. AnchorLink is designed to provide clear, reliable audio and the ultimate in wireless microphone convenience and simplicity.

Introduced in June 2018

The AnchorLink was introduced in June 2018 and is now the current wireless system installed in all the Bigfoot, Beacon, Liberty, Go Getter, MegaVox, MiniVox, AN-Mini, AN-1000X+, AN-130+, CouncilMAN, and Acclaim systems.

Compatibility With Older Systems

The AnchorLink mics will not be compatible with older Anchor sound systems.  If you have an 8000 series system these are on the 540 - 570 frequency set and these are available.  If you have an older 6000 series system or one purchased before August 2014 with the 682 - 698 frequency set these will no longer be able to be used after 2020.  If you have the 682 - 698 frequency set you may be eligible for Anchor's upgrade program, see details here:

Older VHF Models

A VHF transmitter typically has one or two frequency options, if you have 16 channels to select from you have a UHF model. If you have one or two channels to chose from or a two letter frequency code these are a VHF frequency and no longer available.

Call Us

If you are still not sure if your unit is compatible call our office with the serial number of your sound system and we can determine if your system is compatible.