Go Getter AIR X4

Go Getter AIR X4

Go Getter Deluxe AIR Package 4

Go Getter AIR X4


Go Getter Deluxe AIR Package 4

  • GG-DP4-AIR Package Includes:
      - GG2-XU4 Go Getter 2
            - Weight 15 lbs
      - Bluetooth Installed
            - 100' Range
      - AIR Wireless Transmitter
      - Dual Wireless Mic Receiver
      - GG2-AIR Wireless Companion Speaker
            - 150+' Range
            - Weight 15 lbs
      - Your Choice of 4 Wireless Mics
            - 300' Range
            - 1.9 GHz Frequency
      - SC-50 50' Speaker Cable
      - Two SS-550 Stands
  • Reaches Crowds of 500+
      - 109 dB of Clear Sound
      - 75W AC mode / 50W DC mode
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery
      - Operates 6 - 8 Hours on a Single Charge
      - Active Fuel Guage
  • Made in the USA - 6 Year Warranty

The Latest in Anchor Audio Sound

Anchor Audio G0 Getter The next generation Anchor Audio sound system is here!  The Anchor Audio Go Getter is perfect for sound projection in indoors or out and playing music during school activities through the built-in MP3/CD player.  The unit delivers 110dB of intelligible speech from a sound system designed for users with no technical knowledge.  The new Anchor Go Getter is truly versatile with true AC/DC, a 110/220 power supply and improved battery life.  The system is ideal for schools, corporate trainers and places of worship.

Simple to set up and operate

You don't need a complex sound system to get great, full-range sound. Explorer Pro easily glides from strong lows to airy peaks, and it's simple to set up and operate. A heavy-duty amp and two-way speaker system---a 6 1/2-inch woofer coupled with a high output horn tweeter---faithfully deliver every bit of voice or music. You can even use it for high-fidelity playback for crowds of up to 400 outdoors, larger groups indoors. A variety of inputs and a battery-powered model that runs up to 6 hours on a charge make Explorer capable of handling an assortment of functions. And since it weighs only 23 pounds, they don't have to be close to home.

True AC/DC Operation

The Anchor Explorer Pro is perfect for sound projection in indoor and outdoor settings.  The Anchor Explorer Pro is truly versatile with true AC/DC operation and a 110/220 power supply and can run for 6+ hours per charge!

It's There When You Need It!

Need to use your Anchor Go Getter for two events in the same day?  Here's what some of our customers do.  Charge the unit overnight so the battery has a full charge.  For the morning event simply plug the Anchor Go Getter into a wall outlet and you are running off of the AC current.  In the afternoon or evening if you need to use the Anchor Go Getter outdoors or where power isn't available you still have a full charge on the battery.


  • Reaches crowds of 500+
  • 109 dB clear sound
  • 75W AC mode / 50W DC mode
  • Up to two built-in wireless receivers
  • Standard built-in Bluetooth
  • Optional built-in CD/MP3 combo player
  • Two universal microphone jack inputs
  • 3.5 mm AUX line input
  • Built-in rechargeable battery operates 6 - 8 hours on a single charge
  • One high-output horn tweeter
  • One 6.5" woven fiber woofer
  • External speaker output powers optional Go Getter unpowered companion speaker
  • Made in the USA
  • Product HWD: 18" x 10" x 11.5"
  • Weight: 18.5

Great Customer Service

At Ozarks Audio Visual we pride ourselves with great customer service and product knowledge.  We are a Platinum Anchor Audio dealer with years of experience working with, setting up and selling Anchor Audio products.  When you place your order we will provide you with an invoice or necessary paperwork for your records.  When your order ships we'll send you a tracking number so you'll know when to expect your package.  Place your order online or give us a call and check out our fast, efficient, friendly service today!

Fast Shipping

The Anchor Audio Go Getter units sold are brand new units shipped from our warehouse conveniently located in Missouri or directly from Anchor located in Carlsbad California.  Orders usually ship the same day or the next business day.  If you have any questions please feel free to call our office at 800-960-4287 or e-mail us at sales@ozarksav.com.

Deluxe Air Package 4 Features

Deluxe AIR Package 4 Purchasing the Deluxe Air Package 4 gives you two speakers that communicate wirelessly and everything you need to operate your sound system - right out of the box! 

Included in Package

The Deluxe AIR Package 4 includes the powered speaker with Bluetooth, wireless transmitter (for companion speaker), and two duel wireless mic receivers installed (for the wireless mics).  The new AnchorLink wireless microphone receivers can pair up to two microphones per receiver.  Four wireless mics are included in the package.  Also included is a wireless battery operated companion speaker and two Speaker Stands.  The main speaker will wirelessly transmit to the companion speaker eliminating the need for a cable.  Two AC cords are always included as well.

Wireless Companion Speaker

Anchor Audio has set out to perfect the concept of a wireless companion speaker that offers dramatically expanded wireless range, increased system capacity, and instant ADA compliance.  The AIRs are battery powered, perform 6-8 hours or more on a single charge, and can be placed 150+ feet from the transmitter.  One transmitter can connect to an unlimited number of AIR wireless companion speakers.  The AIR wireless technology offers 100 user-selectable channels operating within the 900 MHz frequency, which is one of the few clear channel ranges available and therefore limits interference from competing signals.  Furthermore, the 900 MHz band offers expanded wireless range for an increased transmission distance.  AIR companion speakers can also operate in ‘wired mode,’ which includes simply flipping a switch and plugging in a cable.

Take your Go Getter AIR anywhere for double the sound coverage without the hassle of running cables between speakers.  Cables Snare...Upgrade to Air!

Connects to Assistive Listening System

The AIR companion transmitter also connects seamlessly with Anchor Audio’s Assistive Listening Devices (ALB-9000), which operate on the same 902-928 MHz, resulting in an immediate ADA-compliant sound system.  Main-unit systems are available with up to two wireless microphone receivers in addition to the AIR wireless companion transmitter.

Separate Volume Controls

The mic and each input on the unit has a separate volume control.  It's like have a built-in mixer!  Surprisingly easy to use, softer speaking voices can easily be turned up so they are not overpowered by louder voices.  Background music can be played in the background throughout as well.  All being easily adjusted on the back of the unit.  With the new AnchorLink Wireless Mics installed on this system the volume control is now right on the mic!  You no longer have to go back and forth to the speaker to make adjustments!

AnchorLink Wireless Mics

Deluxe Package 1 Mics AnchorLink is designed to provide clear, reliable audio and the ultimate in wireless microphone convenience and simplicity.  The AnchorLink Wireless microphones operate on the 1.9 GHz wireless frequency range.  To ensure a clear signal with zero interference, the receiver will automatically change frequencies to a clear channel without disruption.  The AnchorLink microphones and belt packs have a wireless range of 300’ or more in ideal conditions. 

Bluetooth Always Included

The top-of-the-line Anchor Audio Bluetooth module allows you to connect your Bluetooth enabled device to your Anchor Audio system with incredible range (100' line of sight) and a strong connection.  True to Anchor Audio's character, operation is simple, and the applications are endless.  Bluetooth is included on all Anchor Liberty sound systems we sell!


Go Getter Deluxe AIR Package 4Nylon Cover
The NL-GG will provide a nylon cover specifically made for the Go Getter sound system.  The cover will hold one MegaVox sound system or one companion speaker.
Weight: 1 lb
Dimensions: 18.5" x 10.5" x 12"


Go Getter Deluxe AIR Package 4 The SOFT-GG provides a rolling case with an extension handle for the Go Getter.  The case will hold one Anchor Audio Go Getter sound system or one companion speaker.  The case has a sleeve to hold a stand and a compartment for the mic & accessories.
Weight: 8 lbs
Dimensions: 21" x 13" x 19"


Go Getter Deluxe AIR Package 4The Anchor Audio HC-ARMOR24-GG is a hard case for the Go Getter.  The case will hold one Go Getter sound system or one companion speaker.  The case has Pick-N-Pluck foam enough space for small accessories.
Weight: 22 lbs
Dimensions: 25" x 19" x 15"


Go Getter Deluxe AIR Package 4In Ear Monitor
Wirelessly transmit directly to an audience member with the ALB-9000 belt pack receiver and ear buds!  Perfect for those needing extra volume because of hearing dificulties.  Auctioneer Clerks can now have uninterrupted sound transmitted directly to them right from the sound system!  Never miss another item's price again!
Weight 0.5 lb
Dimensions: 4" x 3.5" x 2"


Go Getter Deluxe AIR Package 4Speaker Stand Case
The CC-550 will hold two SS-550 speaker stands making transporting easy.
Weight 1 lb
Dimensions: 44" x 8" x 8"


Go Getter Deluxe AIR Package 4Mic Stand w/Boom
Traditional mic stand with boom, holds one handheld microphone.
Weight 5.4 lb
Dimensions: 36" x 3" x 4"

Spec Sheets

Below are the Spec Sheets and Brochures for this system.  These are printable spec sheets in .pdf form. 

Go Getter 2 Brochure

Anchor Go Getter Deluxe AIR Package 4
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Go Getter 2 Manual

Anchor Go Getter Deluxe AIR Package 4
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Bluetooth Spec Sheet

Anchor Go Getter Deluxe AIR Package 4
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