Anchor Audio Beacon 2

    Anchor Beacon 2 is Here!

  • Features You've Asked For
      - Less Weight
      - Longer Battery Life
      - Volume Control on Mic
      - Auto Frequency Hopping
      - Use up to 4 Wireless Mics Simultaneously
  • Reaches Crowds up to 2,500+
      - 120 dB of Clear Sound
      - 150W AC Mode/ 125W DC Mode
  • Up to Two Built-In Dual Wireless Receivers
  • Optional Built-In AIR Transmitter
      - Wirelessly Connect to Companion Speakers
  • Standard Built-In Bluetooth
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
      - New Lighter Weight Batteries
      - Operates 6-8 Hours on a Single Charge
      - 2000 Charge Cycles
      - New 4-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA - Six Year Warranty

The New Anchor Beacon 2

Anchor Audio Beacon 2Packed with features our customer have asked for, the new Anchor Beacon 2 is the unit you should be purchasing!  Starting with a new more reliable wireless frequency set to the lighter longer-lasting battery, this new generation Beacon 2 is packed with new features!

Anchor Audio Beacon 2

The Anchor Beacon Line Array is a battery powered portable line array sound system like no other on the market.  We like to refer to the Beacon as the coolest portable sound system ever!  The line array tower is securely stored in the base but unfolds in less than a minute.  With a line array consisting of eight 4” neodymium speakers and three 8” subwoofers in the base, the Anchor Beacon 2 provides a full range of clear sound that spreads evenly over large crowds.

AnchorLink Wireless Mics

The New Anchor Beacon 2 Features the new AnchorLink Wireless!  The more stable and reliable 1.9 MHz frequency set with Automatic Frequency Hopping meaning no more setting frequencies again!  The AnchorLink wireless system will automatically select a channel and match it with the transmitter.  If there is interference the AnchorLink System will automatically switch to a clear frequency on it's own!  AnchorLink also includes our most requested feature....volume and mute control right on the mic and transmitter!!  No more going back to the Beacon 2 to adjust the volume!!  It can be done right on the mic on the fly during your presentation or sporting event!