Anchor AN-130+ Wireless Presenter Package

Anchor AN-130+ Wireless Presenter Package

Anchor Audio AN-130+ Basic Package
Wireless Microphone Included

The AN-130+ Basic Package is designed for presentations including a wireless microphone, a stand and line inputs for projectors and computers.


Anchor AN-130+ Wireless Presenter Package


Anchor AN-130BP+ at a Glance

  • AN-130BP+ Includes:
      - AN-130F1+ Speaker
      - 1 Wireless Receiver Installed
      - Your Choice of 1 Wireless Mic
      - 6 Year Warranty on Speaker
      - 2 Year Warranty on Mic
  • Reaches Crowds of 150+
  • 103 dB of Clear Sound
  • 30W AC Mode
  • 3.5mm & 1/4" Line Input
  • 1/4" Wired Mic Input
  • Available in Black or White
  • Optional Remote Control
  • Built-in Bracket Mount Screws
  • Product HWD: 9" x 8.5" x 5.5"
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • 6-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Sound Reinforcement for Computer

Anchor Audio Explorer Pro With instrument and mic inputs and two RCA line inputs, the Anchor AN130 can handle all kinds of multimedia applications. It's great for classroom sound reinforcement as well as computer use---the magnetically shielded speaker allows the Anchor AN-130 to sit next to a video monitor without causing interference.  It's rack-mountable, too. And it's the only monitor speaker in its class available with a built-in UHF wireless microphone.

Voice-Over Music

Playing music through the AN-130 is as easy as connecting your iPod, MP3 or CD Player to the Line In plug.  You can also talk over the music when using a wired mic.  The Anchor AN-130 volume knob controls the audio source and microphone levels simultaneously.  Set the volume level then use the volume control of your music player to set the volume of the music.

Great Customer Service

At Ozarks Audio Visual we pride ourselves with great customer service and product knowledge.  We are a Platinum Anchor Audio dealer with years of experience working with, setting up and selling Anchor products.  When you place your order we will provide you with an invoice or necessary paperwork for your records.  When your order ships we'll send you a tracking number so you'll know when to expect your package.  Place your order online or give us a call and check out our fast, efficient, friendly service today!

Fast Shipping

The Anchor Audio AN-130+ units sold are brand new units shipped from our warehouse conveniently located in Missouri or directly from Anchor located in Carlsbad California.  Orders usually ship the same day or the next business day.  If you have any questions please feel free to call our office at 800-960-4287 or e-mail us at

Anchor Wireless Mics

16 Channel Anchor Wireless Mics
The mics featured here are 16 channel UHF wireless mics that are compatible with any of the Anchor Audio packages with a wireless receiver installed.  Currently the 8000 series microphone is what is being shipped with all 8000 series models.  These have a frequency set of 540 - 570 MHz. 

If you have an older 6000 or 7500 series unit and you would like to use the mic that you currently have we can have the 6000 frequency receiver installed into your new sound system.

CM-60 Collar Mic
Worn Around Collar Area

  • Requires WB-8000 Transmitter
  • Worn around neck
  • Places Mic in Front of Mouth
  • Does Not Clip to Clothing
  • TA4F Plug

EM-60T Over the Ear Mic
Worn Over the Ear

  • Requires WB-8000 Transmitter
  • Worn over the ear
  • Keeps mic close to mouth
  • Small Windscreen
  • TA4F Plug

Headband Mic

  • Requires WB-8000 Transmitter
  • Keeps mic close to mouth
  • Allows Head to Turn
  • Can Still Wear Hat/Headware
  • TA4F Plug

Handheld Mic

  • UHF
  • 16 Selectable Channels
      - Frequency 540 - 570 MHz
  • Built-In Transmitter
  • Compatible 8000 Series
  • On/Off Button
  • Two Year Warranty

Use with Hands Free Mics

  • UHF
  • 16 Selectable Channels
      - Frequency 540 - 570 MHz
  • Belt Worn Transmitter
  • Compatible with 8000 Series
  • On/Off Switch
  • Two Year Warranty

LM-60 Lapel Mic
Clips to Front of Shirt or Lapel

  • Requires WB-8000 Transmitter
  • Clips on front of clothing
  • Places a Few Inches Mic Under Chin
  • TA4F Plug


Mic Stand w/Boom
Traditional mic stand with boom, holds one handheld microphone.
Weight 5.4 lb
Dimensions: 36" x 3" x 4"

Spec Sheets

Below are the Spec Sheets and Brochures for this system.  These are printable spec sheets in .pdf form.

AN-130+ Brochure

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AN-130+ Manual

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