16 Channel Anchor Wireless Mics

The mics featured here are 16 channel UHF wireless mics that are compatible with any of the Anchor Audio packages with a wireless receiver installed. The 8000 series mics will work with any current Anchor Audio sound system that was purchased after August 2014 with a wireless receiver installed.

Is My Older Anchor Sound System Compatible?

Older Anchor Audio sound systems may have a VHF receiver installed and will not be compatible with these UHF transmitters. A VHF transmitter typically has one or two frequency options so if you have 16 channels to select from you have a UHF model that is compatible. If you have one or two channels to chose from or a two letter frequency code than the receiver in your unit will not be compatible. If you are still not sure if your unit is compatible call our office with the serial number of your sound system and we can determine if your system is compatible.


If you have any questions about compatibility or operating these mics please feel free to call us at 800-960-4287 or email us at sales@ozarksav.com.