Auctioneer Sound Systems

Auction Types

Auctioneer Sound System customers seem to fall into four categories Table to table auctions, Medium Auctions, Large Auctions and Outdoor Auctions.  The systems we provide are all designed to be set up in less than a minute and totally self-contained.  If you are selling to a small crowd moving from table to table or a large crowd with a Ring-man we have a portable system that will give you hours of battery life and years of worry free service.

Multiple Rings

Auctioneers who may have duplicate systems and run multiple rings, our wireless microphones can be set on separate channels and the mics will not bleed into the other systems.  Of course they are loud and may be able to be heard at the other ring if close enough!

Auctioneer Discount

We offer a discount for auctioneers on the Anchor packages below.  Use the coupon code AUCTION when you place your items in the shopping cart or give us a call to place your order.  The discount is valid until 6/30/17.